STC Annual General Meeting -2020




Parasgatan27, Akalla & Google Meet


 Physical presence of 16 members including STC Board & Election Committee.
 Virtual attendance of 20-25 members through Google Meet.


 STC Board presentation:
 Questions & suggestions from members
 Motions
 Send-off to leaving board members:
 Elections & Appointment of new board members.

STC Board presentation:

 STC Board presented on current status and activities performed during Jun 2019 – Aug 2020
 Chairman and Secretary presented the actions taken by STC during the year.
 Other board members presented status and activities performed by supporting committees that they are leading.
 STC treasured presented the financial summary of income.
 Detailed presentation on ‘Telugu Badi’ given.
 STC future plans presented by board.
 Performance feedback to be provided for members to give their feedback.

Member’s questions & suggestions:

 Members Questions were addressed and below suggestion are received
 Open suggestions and Feedback Form link on website
 Social Media post from STC on Telugu prominent person birthdays.
 Committee for crisis managements to address members needs it any
 Telugu book Library with support of Interested members


STC Constitution unanimously approved
 Motion proposed by STC board, to have new ‘Lifetime membership’ category for a period of 5 years for 1000 SEK, approved by majority vote (Favor – 25 & Against – 3)

Send-off to leaving board members:

Election committee, headed by Santhosh Yadlapally, Raju Gandhi and Harish Kalla, explained the need to fix the one-year term for 4 members and the process adopted to fix the tenure. Below members got the tenure of one year in the lottery, hence their tenure as STC boards ended.
1. Praveen Rangineni
2. Rama Paladugu
3. Srinivas Thadivaka
4. Sneha Sravanthi Kolanukonda

Elections & Appointment of new board members.

Election committee announced that they received 4 nominations until the extended deadline, as number. As number of nominations does not exceed the number of vacancies, election is not required. All the nominated members, mentioned below, are elected to the board without elections.
1. Shyam Mullangi
2. Krishna Chaitanya Digumurthi
3. Bharat Vaddi
4. Kartheek Arundel Chill


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