STC Board meeting minutes

7th December 2019


  • Rajendra
  • Surendra
  • Suman V
  • Rama
  • Niranjan
  • Praveen (meeting minutes)


  • Followup action from last meeting
  • STC Inventory
  • Telugu Badi initiative update
  • Kuchipudi dance group update
  • next events plan
  • Financial status

Followup actions from last meeting

  • Dassara event balance sheet will be ready by end of December 2019 (Suman)
  • Surendra to talk to Mahendra about STC financial auditing
  • Handover of finances from old committee is now considered closed.
  • Meeting with election committee is still open due to unavailability of members and coming holiday period.
  • Entrepreneurs connect – Initiative moved to January. Presentation material still to be prepared (Niranjan and Surendra)

STC Inventory

  • Rama have received some inventory from old committee but many serving bowls seems to be missing or unusable.
  • Only two rice cookers that are in usable condition and if any of the STC members want to borrow it, those can be rented for a fee of SEK 100
  • Both rice cookers photos to be published on the website.

Telugu Badi initiative update

  • International mother language day (21st February) and event to be conducted on behalf of STC on 22nd of Feb and the hall booking to be confirmed.
  • An initial meeting with interested member organised during November and a Telugu Basha committee is formed
  • Currently we are discussing the syllabus and level of Telugu classes
  • We received a syllabus proposal from one of the member.
  • Ganga also discussed with Manabadi, but their program seems to be advanced for our needs currently and hard to align with their strict timelines.
  • Ganga/Praveen to call for a meeting with interested parents.
  • Niranjan talking to potential sponsors for this initiative and positive feedback from couple of entrepreneurs.
  • In the initial stage, Telugu badi will be offered as a free service and donations will be accepted from parents to cover any material costs.

Kuchipudi Dance group update

  • Surendra will Email Indian Embassy to express the potential interest to get a kuchipudi dance teacher.
  • We now agreed that this initiative is not high priority.

Next Events Update

  • Process to start booking the Ugaadi event for 2020
  • potential dates are 28th March or 4th April based on venue availability.

Financial Status update

  • We have now received the promised amount from the sponsor of Ugaadi 2019 event.
  • Balances seems to be positive after paying all the pending bills for Dassara 2019 event. Some contributors bills still to be paid upon receiving the bills.
  • Balance sheet will be published after the financial audit in Q1 2020.


  • Ugaadi 2020 event to be discussed in the next meeting
  • Website to be updated with sponsor’s page.

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